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Womanizer reveals four secrets about rioters: An attractive man sits on a bench

Have you ever fallen for a ripper? And asked you afterwards: "How could I ...?" Maybe you will see the light with the following revelations of a womanizer.

We all know them, and many of us have fallen for one: break-up types who always get what they want from women - and that's rarely serious! But who are these people actually? What is it that drives you? What may be wrong with them? And how do they manage to turn our heads over and over so that we get involved with them? Alan Roger Currie, author, blogger and, according to his own statements, a womanizer for a long time, has revealed four secrets of rioters on " your tango ". Will they help us to better understand Mr Charming's psyche ...? We'll see!

Ex-Womanizer shares four ripper secrets

1. There is a difference between "Player" and "Cheater."

According to Alan, the womanizer, we have to distinguish between two types of ripper: "Player" and "Cheater". Players are always honest about their intentions and attitudes towards a relationship. With them, we would know where we are, that they don't want anything fixed and that they have other love affairs going on next to us. Cheaters, on the other hand, pretend that we are the one and that they want to spend the rest of their lives by our side - but then they never have time on Friday evenings because they are actually with Nicole.
So that means: Players are womanizers with whom we can have fun, cheaters are those who break our hearts when we are unlucky. And if we don't want either, it might be better to take our time before we trust someone and get involved - if we're going to believe Alan.

2. Most men are only as loyal as they can get

In Alan's opinion, the likelihood that a man will be a womanizer, that is, that he will date several partners at the same time, the more attractive he is or better in bed he is. His main argument for this dizzyingly steep proposition is: "It is easy for a man to be faithful when only one woman is willing to have sex with him regularly. But when someone has five, ten, 15 or more, It is much harder to be monogamous than it could have 20 women in bed. "
Well, if that's not a reasonable calculation ... 

3. As "the affair" we have a terrible chance of becoming "the one."

If you (as a woman) are interested in an exclusive, long-term relationship (with a man), it is best to never make yourself available for an affair or to accept the tempting ringing of a booty call, advises Alan. Because, in his experience, men lose the respect they need for a partnership in front of their flame. According to Alan, a woman would always have to have some sort of resemblance to his mother for a man to be considered a partner (in fact, some studies suggest such a thing). And since probably very few men would think of their mother that she is very open sexually and that she is ready for any quickie, women with such behaviour disqualify themselves - because they are simply not like Mommy enough.

4. We can never change a womanizer

Who would have thought: Just like other people, we can't just reverse the polarity overnight, Alan reveals. Reassuring, after all, they belong to the same species as us. According to our unveiling Womanizer, we should best accept that a man who can and has been happy to have in the past will continue to be in the present and future. What we can do is speak openly to Mr Charming about what we want from him and ask him what he wants from us. As we have just learned, this only works if he is a player and not a cheater ... 
After all: Of course, it cannot be ruled out that a womanizer will change himself and find the strength to be loyal in himself, provided he meets the right person