This tampon brand gives us the opportunity to make sex the way we want during the period

Tampons and sponge

You don't always feel comfortable with your conventional tampon during the period and are looking for a comfortable alternative? The manufacturers of “PINK Tampon” have dealt with the topic and found a solution that is not reminiscent of conventional tampons. You can find out more about this here
The “PINK Tampon” consists of a soft, skin-friendly sponge that allows complete freedom during the period. Because the often annoying string is dispensed with in the “PINK tampon”.

It is simply removed using a handle. The pink look is also not reminiscent of conventional tampons. The sponge is also significantly more environmentally friendly than ordinary cotton tampons, which contribute to greater water consumption and higher CO2 emissions. In addition, the company pays attention to fair payment during production, production under hygienic standards, short transport routes and uses recyclable packaging. And all made in Germany!

These are the advantages of the PINK tampon
1. Sex during the period when you want more "protection" for your sheets (attention, a soft tampon is not a contraceptive).

The tampon stays in the vagina during sex. Because the sponge is pushed directly in front of the cervix. Due to the soft material, the tampon is not noticeable during sex.

2. Massage or sauna

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing day in the sauna or with a massage? Here, too, you have no restrictions with the PINK tampon - and above all, you no longer have to stick a blue ribbon to your leg. 

3. Every movement without feeling of pressure

When doing sports, a conventional tampon can create an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling disappears because the PINK tampon adapts perfectly to the body and sits slightly higher. Then there are (unfortunately) no more excuses to do sports!

4. Swimming without risk of infection

Conventional tampons should be changed after swimming because there is a risk that the water can enter the vagina and thus lead to skin irritation or even infection. The PINK tampon reduces this risk. 

General note: The PINK tampon should be changed after 8 hours at the latest and immediately after sexual intercourse.

Voices of the editors - my experience with soft tampons
I discovered soft tampons for myself a few years ago when I was looking for a spot-free solution for one-night stands during my period. Back then I didn't even know exactly what to google for. Finally, through detours, I ended up in forums that brought me the solution in the form of pink sponges that have no return thread - that is, they cannot be seen and cannot be felt by the sexual partner.

I then bought them in the pharmacy and tried them out straight away, even though I was nervous. Somehow I was afraid of not being able to get the little shit out and ended up with the gynecologist. In fact, it was initially difficult to remove the soft tampon after sex because you have to push it very far up and because of the mechanics it often sits directly in front of the cervix during intercourse

One trick that I can recommend is crouching because it shortens the vaginal canal and makes it easier to reach with your finger. I needed a few tries, but now I can easily remove it every time.

I like having options, so for me soft tampons are now part of the basic equipment, for the days of days when I don't feel like having sex without "protection" during my period.