3 daily kitchen rituals that make us sleep better

Kitchen rituals for a good night's sleep

Nothing beats a good, peaceful sleep. These kitchen rituals help us to sleep better at night. Three examples.
What we do in the evening before bed can have a huge impact on the quality of our sleepWhy? Because we know that there is less work waiting for us the next day. Here are three little rituals that we can do in the evening that will help you sleep better at night.

1. Wash dishes

Anyone who goes to bed in the evening and knows that the whole mountain of dishes is still waiting for them the next day - and which they are not looking forward to at all - simply cannot sleep so well. After all, the nasty task we'd like to put off before us has to be done. It feels great when we have completed the most unattractive tasks. This also helps our sleep, which is guaranteed to be better if we don't dream of mountains of dishes.

2. Tidy up the kitchen

Many people go through the kitchen one more time before going to bed, wipe the countertop, pack this and that back where it belongs. All of these things are little rituals that keep things in order, that serve as preparation for the next day, during which we review the past day again. For some people, these "on the side" tasks are used to mentally go over the next day's events and make sure you have everything you need to know. And walking around the apartment a bit and creating order also helps to keep your head in order. And who knows that everything is on schedule for the next day can concentrate on one thing at night: rest and sleep.

3. Prepare breakfast

A morning can be pretty stressful: getting up, showering, preparing breakfast, preparing the children for daycare or school, making sandwiches. To make things less stressful, it helps to prepare a few things, e.g. breakfast. Of course, muesli and milk cannot be mixed and placed on the table just yet. But the cereal bowls and the cereal can already be placed on the table. The lunch boxes for work/school can already be placed on the table. Sounds like little things? Yes, maybe, but these little things make us feel that we have already prepared something, that the morning is a little less stressful - and that makes us sleep more peacefully at night.