5 good reasons to start exercising in autum

Sports in autumn: woman jogging

Doing sports outside in the cool autumn? But yes! We explain to you why you should lace up your sports shoes and get started right now!

The first leaves are falling and it has become noticeably cooler: autumn is here! And even if we all would like to curl up on the sofa and drink tea at this time of year , we should take advantage of the weather - and train outside! We'll tell you five good reasons to start exercising right now that will silence your weaker self immediately.

1. Strengthens the defense

Sounds strange, but: Those who spend a lot of time outside get sick less. This is because we gradually build up our immune system so that it can withstand viruses and bacteria better. So while everyone else is in bed with a cough , runny nose and the like, we run fit and healthy through the cool autumn air.

2. Moderate temperatures are better for exercising

Even if it is nice to train in the warm sun, a training session under an overcast sky in cooler temperatures is actually better. Because the heat puts a lot of strain on the cardiovascular system and we find it difficult to even pull off the workout. Moderate temperatures of around 15 degrees, on the other hand, are ideal - especially for newcomers.

3. Last fitness chance before Christmas

The first speculoos are on the shelves and one or the other is probably already thinking longingly of Grandma's Christmas roast. And in the Christmas season it is also the best thing to just let your mind wander and feast a little. So that there is no rude awakening afterwards, it is advisable to compensate for the additional calories with some exercise - then roasts, red cabbage and the like will taste just as good again.

4. Creates a good mood

We cannot say it often enough: At first it is difficult, but perseverance is worth it! A lot of happiness hormones are released during training and everyone knows the feeling of pride when you have finished your workout. And: studies show that outdoor sports generally improve the mood. So the winter depression doesn't stand a chance either!

5. Vacation for the eyes

Last but not least: In autumn nature shows itself from one of its most beautiful sides: The trees with their red, yellow and golden leaves are simply a feast for the eyes. Training is twice as much fun.