Do you hate running? Then try one of these workouts!

Hate running: women do sports

You just can't bring yourself to put on your running clothes and jog in the open air? Then maybe one of the following three workouts is right for you.

1. Circuit training

Circuit training is an excellent alternative to running. The workout combines elements of cardio and strength training, is super effective and guaranteed not to be boring. It is typical of this training that all main muscle groups are used. Since the exercises are always changed, the muscles can regenerate that are not currently being used. Positive side effect: this workout challenges the cardiovascular system, so that not only the silhouette is formed, but also the endurance and the immune system are strengthened.

2. Interval training

In interval training , short, intense exercises alternate with recovery phases. In the short exercise phases, for example, you do a 30-second sprint, in the recovery phase you run normally for around four minutes. This is more effective than normal running and burns a lot of calories - it also works for the cardiovascular system. You should do the 30-minute workout around two to three times a week. It consists of five minutes of warm-up, 20 minutes of interval exercises and five minutes of cool-down.

3. Jump rope

Jumping rope not only puts you in a good mood, it is also super effective. Those who do a real workout with the jump rope improve their endurance and fight problem areas on the stomach, legs and buttocks. In addition, the shoulders and upper arms are trained by swinging the rope. In fact, ten minutes of rope skipping has the same effect as 30 minutes of jogging. You burn around 130 to 140 calories in these minutes with the rope. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?