Don't feel like exercising? That's the perfect excuse!

Sporty woman

Do you live by the motto "Sport is murder"? No problem. Because researchers have now found out why this view is quite justified.

Those who don't like sports now have one more excuse, because: A recent study by the University of Georgia in the US state of the same name has now found that our genes help determine the desire for sports. But how is that possible?

Study: Feelings of happiness are crucial

Most people feel good after exercising - and feelings of happiness flow through them. In some people, however, this effect does not occur, as a study with 3,000 test subjects found. According to this, the dopamine release in these people after training is inhibited by a genetic disposition.
As part of the study, the participants' training habits were examined carefully - and the reactions in the brain were also measured. The result: Those who did not exercise had a genetic variation in their brains, which was associated with this reduced release of the happiness hormone.
Study director Rodney Dishman, a professor at the University of Georgia , told the Huffington Post at the American Physiological Society's convention in Phoenix, "Genes, along with certain personality traits, could explain why some people have a natural desire to exercise and others don't. "
You don't feel like exercising, but you know that it would make you happy? Then this excuse won't work in your case!