Make up younger - with these 15 make-up tricks


With these 15 simple styling tricks, we can easily cheat away a few years and look fresher and younger in no time.

Look young WITHOUT Botox

Anti-aging is not an issue that should be on the operating table. You can also look younger with a few simple beauty tricks! Because sometimes we put on make- up older than we are. Complexion, eyebrows, hair - they play a major role in perception. We reveal how you can properly apply make-up to hide wrinkles and which make-up tricks work like an optical lift to make you look fresher!

Tip 1: Make up for dark circles

Concealer helps cover dark shadows or small wrinkles around the eyes. Dab the concealer in the inner corner of the eye and under the eye and hide. Important: Find the right concealer tone. It is best to choose a shade lighter than the rest of the make-up, this also applies to the powder. Ideal against bluish shimmering veins: products with a yellowish undertone. We have even more tips for you against dark circles.

Tip 2: pimp the naso-labial fold

Naso-labial wrinkles around the mouth can also appear less deep with a little concealer. Dab the nasolabial line with the applicator and then carefully pat and blend in with your fingers.

Tip 3: Hello Beauty! For a more alert look

For a more alert look: concealer under the and on the bare lid. This visually brightens the area around the eyes and makes them more radiant. This is how you can boost your gaze even more: Dab gently shimmering eye shadow or highlighter in champagne into the inner corners of your eyes. 

Tip 4: prepare the face

Thanks to wrinkle filler creams, we can make up for five years, especially important before we put on make-up because it is only too happy to settle into the lines. Wrinkle fillers often contain mattifying silica, quick-smoothing waxes and oils, and light-reflecting particles that have an immediate effect: They cover the skin and wrinkles like a soft focus. A simple mini-lift for at home and special evenings.

Tip 5: draw the eyeliner

Shining eyes can cheat away for seven years and are a clever distraction from wrinkles. An absolute must: a fine eyeliner. It visually thickens the eyelashes, because they grow more sparsely over the years. Then give the hair an upward swing with the eyelash curler, apply volume mascara, or a special white base mascara that gives the eyelashes more fullness before the normal ink.

Tip 6: style eyebrows

We can cheat away for five years if our eyebrows are in top shape. And this is how it works: Remove wild hairs below the arch, pluck the last third narrower towards the end. You immediately look more awake. Emphasize pale brows in short strokes with a medium brown pencil. Rework any hairs that have become finer with brow powder, this looks more natural. If you have extremely thin eyebrows, you should definitely not use the bars thanks to the pen solution! We'll show you what you have to consider when plucking your eyebrows.

Microblading is the permanent way of strengthening the browbones. The new trend micro shading should be even more natural, as only individual points within the eyebrows are filled with permanent make-up.

Tip 7: apple cheeks

Delicately dosed, pink rouge mimics the fine redness of young skin, because it usually shimmers with good blood circulation. Over the foundation, it refreshes the pale complexion - an effect as the skin ages. If pink is too bright for you, you can opt for a delicate apricot. Smile first before applying - no joke, because the cheeks lift and a slight hollow appears under the cheekbones. Now use a little powder blush in a large brush ( a rosewood shade suits most women ) to and fro along the hollow. Finally, apply a little color directly to the cheeks. Also pretty - if the skin tone is a little darker - a little bronzer looks on the cheeks. Dust with a wide blusher brush.

Tip 8: No dark tones for the lips

Extremely strong red and brown tones make the lips appear narrower. transparent gloss or lipstick in lighter pink or apricot tones looks fresher. It is best to trace the edges beforehand with a colorless contour pencil and slightly blur the contour for a natural look. Be careful with too bright tones: narrow lips and small wrinkles around the mouth are even more noticeable with bright tones. In our make-up school, we will tell you how you can make up your lips.

Tip 10: boost eyelashes

If you have too straight eyelash hairs, you can use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes. Always use the tongs BEFORE you wash, the eyelashes break too easily after you wash. Then rub vigorously and remove the remains with the cotton swab and oil-free eye make-up remover.

We'll show you how optical eyelash extensions work.

Tip 11: set highlights

Be careful with too much mattifying powder, because it tends to build up in wrinkles and make the skin appear dull - it is better to use transparent powder for make-up. The skin looks even more radiant when individual areas shine slightly, accents can be set with a highlighter to which light-reflecting particles are added. For extensive use on the face or décolleté, powders are suitable, which can be applied directly with a brush or added to the day cream. Fluids can be smudged with a finger and are ideal for highlighting individual areas such as the eyelids, chin, and cheekbones.

Tip 12: more volume for fine hair

Fine hair is sensitive, becomes even finer over the years, and therefore needs particularly careful care. Since they are usually closer to the scalp, they quickly appear greasy and weak, so they have to be washed more often. The shampoo should be appropriately mild and sparingly dosed (e.g. baby shampoo). Also, daily cleaning must not overwhelm the hair with too much care substances, otherwise, they'll run out quickly. New volume shampoos try to achieve exactly this balance between gentle cleaning and easy care, they have a reduced degree of care or are more easily dosed. Also, substances are specifically used that improve the condition of the hair without weighing it down, such as vitamins such as niacinamides, which ensure elasticity and shine. Special peeling shampoos also remove the heavy film that too many styling products cause from the hair every few weeks. We'll tell you how to use a hair scrubWe also have great ideas for hairstyles for fine hair that automatically give you volume and curl.

Tip 13: wear a pony

It actually makes you younger. And not just by simply covering forehead wrinkles, it makes the face appear softer. If you have slightly wavy hair, you can bring the bangs into the right shape with a straightening ironDon't forget beforehand: apply heat protection spray to your hair and only use iron on dry hair. For inspiration, we have great hairstyles with bangsbob with bangs, and hairstyles with ponytails that will make you look younger.

Also popular - Alexa Chung and other celebrities demonstrated it - is the grunge, an outgrown pony that is integrated into the top hair in stages. But also an ultra-short pony, the micro fringe, makes us look fresher.

Tip 14: take care of beautiful hands

The hands reveal their true age: those who tend to have pigment spots on their hands should use special care. Applying lots of creams is important so that your hands don't look dry and wrinkled. We have even more anti-aging tricks for your hands here.

Tip 15: which nail polish tone makes you younger?

That goes hand in hand: Classic red or pink tones on the nails look fresher than pale nuances. Gray and beige tones are also in vogue, but appear less lively. Also ideal: French nailsOf course, perfectly pedicured feet are a part of it!