The best products against wrinkles, shadows and co.


Good eye cream is important to prevent (later) signs of age or at least to keep them in check.

Choosing the right eye cream is not that easy. The sensitive skin around the eyes needs a lot of attention and care - because the lot has special needs that our face cream can often not cope with. We took a look around the market for you and put together some recommendations. 

Eye cream: the protector of the delicate eye area

The importance of a good eye creamshouldn't be underestimated. Because while our facial skin is also grateful for good care, it is much less sensitive than the skin around our eyes. Skin irritation, dryness, or even a rash occur more quickly in this area. Because the skin is thin and unfortunately not very resistant. Often we also "torment" them by removing (waterproof) eye make-up. Even if we have hopefully all stopped rubbing too vigorously when we remove mascara and the like from our eyes.

Nevertheless: Our eye area has to go through a lot and is often the first indicator of various grievances, such as too little sleep, stress, or illnesses. Then dark shadows, puffy eyes, or bags under the eyes show that something is wrong. This is also where the signs of aging often show up first. The first wrinkles - also called crow's feet - usually first appear on the eyes. Things that we would like to avoid - and with the right eye cream we can avoid them to a certain extent.

Which eye cream is the best?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a general answer as to which eye cream is the best. Our eye areas simply have too different needs for thatThe age factor alone plays a decisive role here. In the mid-twenties, the skin only needs good, general care, while over the years it requires more and more supporting ingredients to reduce the first wrinkles or to combat bags under the eyes. And as is common with skincare in general, choosing your eye cream will also be about how dry or oily your skin is.

You should orient yourself to these criteria when buying an eye cream:

  • Age: The older you get, the richer the eye cream should be. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are not yet necessary in the 20s but become more and more important over time.
  • Fat content: Anyone who generally tends to have dry skin should watch out for oily components. Those who tend to suffer from excess fat, on the other hand, prefer to use lighter care, for example in gel form.
  • Ingredients: We advise people with sensitive skin, in particular, to use products with few ingredients that need to be checked carefully. Fragrances are to be avoided because they quickly irritate the skin.
  • Allergies: Even those who suffer from allergies will not be able to avoid a careful look at the list of ingredients. Products that do not contain preservatives are particularly recommended, as these often lead to allergic reactions.
  • When should you start using an eye cream?

    It's a fallacy that we don't need to worry about the eye area until we're past our 20s. On the other hand, it is correct that we should then combat or prevent the first signs of aging. Nevertheless, it is also important for all U30s to incorporate special eye care into their daily beauty routineSince wrinkles, dark shadows, and the like are still a long way off at this age, you should keep it simple and not overdo it. A light eye creamthat gives your skin enough moisture - depending on its nature - is sufficientAlways, really always, a certain sun protection factor is importantThis should not be missing even at a young age. At this point in time, nothing more is needed.

Which eye cream for skin in their 30s?

Once we have reached our 30s, the skin slowly becomes more demanding and requires more attention and careOur eye cream can now also be a little richer and protect the skin from external influences with vitamins and minerals, for example, and support the formation of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and a radiant, plump complexion. In addition to UV protection, your eye cream should be especially show a plus in moisture during these years.

Eye care beyond 40

With our 40th birthday behind us, the motto is to work with what you have. Even the most expensive cream will not prevent small to deep wrinkles from forming in the long run. But with an eye creamWith retinol, which supports the skin's cell renewal, hyaluronic acid, which in turn supports the skin's water storage, or antioxidants, which protect our skin from environmental influences and other free radicals, we can do a lot for a fresh appearance.

What to pay attention to?

Actually, there aren't a lot of things to consider when applying eye cream. Most of the "rules" are self-evident. However, for the sake of completeness, we have summarized a few important points:

  • The eye cream should be applied twice a dayi.e. in the morning and in the evening.
  • Always massage the eye cream into clean, bare skin
  • Even with creams for sensitive skin, make sure that nothing gets into the eyes.
  • The richer and more oily the eye cream, the longer it may have to take effect before concealer, make-up and the like can be applied.
  • For an extra kick of freshness, you can also store your cream in the refrigeratorThe cooling effect can provide relief for swollen lids.
  • If you have the choice, opt rather for a product in a pump bottle or a small pot is sold (good protecting the contents from contamination). Especially if you're using a water-based and/or preservative-free product. In the vicinity of the mucous membranes, hygiene should have top priority. 

Even more care: eye pads & Co.

If you want to do something good for your eye area in addition to your daily eye cream, you have various options that the beauty queens swear by. 

  • An eye serum tailored to your needscan work small miracles. The ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredients, depending on what you choose. Applied regularly, they ensure that your eyes never stop shining.
  • Eye pads are a huge trend for a reason. They are also available with a wide variety of ingredients and - similar to a face mask - are stuck under the eyes and can thus release their rich ingredients to the skin for a while. 
  • You don't have any of these extras at hand? No problem. Your eye cream applied thickly like a maskcan also help quicklySimply distribute it generously in the evening and enjoy your beauty sleep as usual. The next morning, if necessary, gently remove the excess cream with a cosmetic tissue or cotton pad - done.