This simple exercise will help you sleep better

Around a quarter of all Germans sleep poorly. A simple exercise can help us relax and thus also help us fall asleep!

Millions of people toss from one side to the other at night, brooding over their everyday lives and longingly waiting for sleep that simply does not want to come. In Germany alone , around a quarter of all people suffer from insomnia: some cannot sleep for hours, others wake up again and again at night. What they have in common: The next day they feel totally overtired and have difficulty concentrating.

Finally sleep well again

But what helps if you just can't sleep well? The tips for falling asleep range from soothing teas with valerian and lavender to hot water bottles at the foot of the bed and even banning all electronic devices from the bedroom. A very simple exercise could also help some people find their way back to sleep. The best thing about it: You don't need anything except your own body for this exercise and it is not strenuous either.

That's how it works!

This trick is particularly suitable if you've been lying awake for a long time and just can't sleep. For the exercise, lie flat on your back on the mattress with the pillow pushed to the side. Then the legs are bent and pushed towards the chest. The arms encircle the shins and thus help to pull the knees even further towards the chest - preferably until they touch. While holding this position, concentrate on your breath and inhale and exhale deeply several times accordingly.

What is that supposed to help?

The simple exercise has several advantages: the spine is elongated (many people tend to have an unhealthy hollow back when they lie on their back) and the hips are relaxed. The deep breathing reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. Exercise and breathing together relax body and mind and ensure that stress is relieved. And stress is one of the main contributors to our inability to sleep. Those who do the exercise regularly will find it easier to go to sleep in the future.