Weight Loss Exercises: Power Core Workout


These weight loss exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles and ensure a toned core. The best thing about it: the workout only takes five minutes!

Our 5-minute power workout

The good thing about this workout : It doesn't take long because the exercises are very intense . In a short time you can really work off here. The training is not only effective, but also refreshingly different - with many new exercises that not only work, but are fun at the same time.

That is how important a strong core is

You train 3 times a week for about 15 minutes , i.e. two sets of 12-16 repetitions per exercise and body side. Our exercises strengthen the straight abdominal muscles , which counteracts a hollow back and ensures a stable posture . The oblique abdominal muscles are also strengthened, which provides new mobility and a better body feeling. In addition, other zones are trained: back, buttocks and legs.

Important here: do all exercises slowly and in a controlled manner, on the floor, preferably on a non-slip, soft surface. Focus on your abs and keep them tight during each exercise. Always continue to breathe normally, do not press or hold your breath. And: plan non-training days between workouts - after all, muscles grow during training breaks.

Weight Loss Exercise # 1: Curl Up

This is how it works: Lie on your back and bend your legs. Place your arms next to your body with your palms facing down. Then slowly roll up your body from bottom to top until your bottom is facing the ceiling. Keep short. The upper and lower legs form a right angle in this position. Then slowly roll down again. Important: Make sure that your head always remains on the floor.

Weight Loss Exercise # 2: Back Briefly

This is how it works: Lift your upper body from the supine position and hold it. Bend your arms at shoulder height and clench your fists. Then lift your lower legs and bend them parallel to the floor, pulling your toes up. Lean the upper body back with short movements and straighten up again, at the same time pushing the knees away from the body and pulling them back up. Always move your lower legs parallel to the floor. Important: Lean back and straighten your upper body only in short movements and with tight abdominal muscles.

Weight Loss Exercise # 3: Edge

This is how it works: Lie on your back, place your arms next to your body, detach your upper body from the floor while firmly tensing your abdominal muscles. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling and then let them sink slightly towards the floor. Stretch your feet up to the tips and open your legs hip-width apart. Bring your palms together in front of your body with your arms straight, thumbs up. Then with your arms straight, perform two edge strokes in the air, first next to the right outside of the leg, secondly between the legs and thirdly next to the left outside of the leg. Move the edges of the hand briefly and in a controlled manner.
Important: Make sure that the lower back is always firmly on the floor.

Weight Loss Exercise # 4: Sitting Straight

This is how it works: Lie on your back, bend your left leg on the floor. Raise your upper body, but only enough so that your lumbar spine is still in contact with the floor. Extend your right leg towards the ceiling and stretch your arms out next to your body. The hands are now next to the hips, the palms facing the ceiling and the thumbs outwards. Then slowly straighten the upper body, at the same time lowering the elongated leg without placing it on the floor. Finally, while sitting, pull your upper body a little forward, while stretching your arms forward at shoulder height. Then lean your back back and stretch your right leg towards the ceiling again.
Important: do the exercise quickly but in a controlled manner.

Weight Loss Exercise # 5: Cross Pull

This is how it works: Lie on your back, bend your left leg and place it on the floor. Extend your right arm straight away from your body at shoulder height and place it on the floor. Bend your left arm and place your left hand under the back of your head. Extend and lift your right leg up to the toe. Now bring the elbow of the bent arm to the opposite leg. Then let the upper body and legs sink back to their starting positions.
Important: Carry out the twisting of the upper body consciously and slowly.

Weight Loss Exercise # 6: Long Line

This is how it works: Forearm support with elongated legs. The elbows are under the shoulders. The back, bottom and legs form a straight line. Stand on your toes and place one foot on the other. With the help of the lower foot, the whole body is pushed a little forward and back again.