5 things that won't get better when you lose weight


Do you think that when you lose weight you are happier, more satisfied, and better in all respects? Wrong thought! 5 things that won't change after losing weight

Your love life

If your love life isn't going right now, it won't improve after you've lost weight. As US doctor Terese Weinstein Katz told Prevention.com, losing weight can actually make the problems worse. "It is common for partners to become jealous and resentful when the other changes their eating habits," says Katz. The idea behind it: If the partner loses weight, it must be because they want to date another person. You can prevent this carousel of thoughts by discussing your weight loss goals with your friend beforehand - and revealing the reasons for your wish.

Your job

"Some people feel that they cannot present themselves well if they are not satisfied with their weight," explains Katz. This is understandable, but weight loss does not automatically lead to more self-confidence. It is much more important to come to terms with your body and internalize the positive things about it. Only then will you be able to confidently go into an interview and get your dream job.

Your depression

Many people think that being overweight and depression go hand in hand. This assumption implies that losing weight will automatically help you feel better. But this is not the case! "In most cases, depression is an intermittent problem that has nothing to do with weight," says Katz. If you suffer from depression, going to a psychologist will help, not weight loss.

Your self-esteem

One thing is clear: losing weight can give you an ego boost, but it won't change the way you feel about yourself. So before you start losing weight, you should take the right attitude towards your weight loss project, says Katz. What that mean? It's simple: you shouldn't lose weight to look better, but to take better care of yourself. The concern for one's own body must always be in the foreground.

Your eating habits

If you lose weight with the help of a diet, you don't necessarily change your eating habits. Only a change in diet can be successful in the long term - and that requires an intensive examination of food, one's own eating behavior, and one's own health. And that means declaring war on emotional eating, food cravings, or yo-yo diets.