Diet coach Adam Gilbert reveals his 5 best weight loss tips


Adam Gilbert has been a passionate diet coach for ten years, helping women achieve their dream dimensions. We reveal what his best weight loss tips are.

1. Have more fun again!

With all the stress and rush, one thing often falls by the wayside: the fun. Keep a piece of joy in your everyday life, because having fun for a specific cause is the key to binge eating. Whether it's sport, drawing, dancing, or cooking: find out for yourself what you enjoy and then do it. Because let's be honest: Our mood has a significant influence on our choice of food.

2. Understand that diet accounts for 80 percent of weight loss.

Do you also know the people who run to the gym all the time, but nothing changes in their bodies? This is probably because they are eating the wrong things. Because: Proper nutrition accounts for 80 percent of weight loss - it is, so to speak, the key to weight loss success. Sport is great for staying conditioned, energetic, in a good mood, and fit. Ultimately, training only accounts for 20 percent of weight loss.

3. Prepare your meal (meal prep!)

Meal prep has grown in popularity in recent years - and rightly so. Because pre-planning the meals for the next week prevents you from reaching for unhealthy fast food or sweets. Hungry people stressed or tired often make bad eating decisions. Proper planning definitely helps with weight loss.

4. Find out if you are REALLY hungry

When the afternoon low comes, many people grab cakes and the like again, after all, the hunger is there. Gilbert divides it into two categories: emotional and physical hunger. Physical hunger can be satisfied with food, emotional hunger cannot. He recommends the broccoli test here! Just ask yourself: Am I so hungry that I would eat broccoli now? If the answer is no, you are not really hungry.

5. Choose a sustainable path

Many people try one diet after another and still find no satisfaction or the weight loss they hoped for. A sustainable change in diet makes much more sense. Before you eat anything, ask yourself: Can I imagine eating this ingredient in the next five years? The answer is "no"? Then away with it.