Exercise abdominal muscles - for a flat core


With these six challenging exercises, you can train your abs effectively. Look forward to a flat and sexy core!

He's a great buddy. When we struggle with a decision, he knows what is right. When we are in love, he will notice it in front of us. You can't hide the stress from him either: Our stomach always tells us what's wrong with us. But what does he suddenly have now? We dream of the bikini figure, and he is at the forefront. Has bought a roll of bacon - and is silent when we look at him reproachfully. How do we both get this back?

Exercising abs: this is how it works

It's all about a few more muscles and a few pounds less. But the combination seems to be the difficulty ... The good news: If you want to train your " stomach, legs, buttocks " muscles and get rid of the rolls, it can be done pretty quickly. Studies show that with a healthy diet and some exercise around the waist, the first thing we do is lose pounds. The abdominal muscles are grateful for workout partners: they can be built up within three to four weeks.

Fit and flat for a slim waist

These exercises are the basis for our abdominal muscle trainingYou strengthen the straight, oblique, and deep abdominal musclesWell, you have to go through ...

1. Cycling for the washboard abs

This brings the exercise: Strengthens the straight abdominal muscles and the hip flexors, shapes the waist-hip area. Starting position: Lie on your back, arms next to your body, raise your legs so that your thighs are perpendicular, and your lower legs parallel to the floor. Bend your feet. Let's go: cross your arms in front of your body and bring them towards your knees. Then lift your head and shoulders off the floor. The view goes up and ahead. Now stretch out your right and left leg alternately. 6-8 times per side. 3 sentences. Important: Do not pull your chin towards your chest, keep your head in line with your spine. That gives great abs!

2. Six pack with the board roll

This brings the exercise: Strengthens the entire front core and shoulder muscles, straightens up. Starting position: come from the prone position in the forearm support. Elbows are below the shoulders. The forearms are on the floor, the palms of the hands are touching. Legs straight, stand on tiptoe. Legs, torso, and head in one line (a). Let's go: Move your entire body back and forth like a flat board (b), rolling back and forth over your toes. 8-10 times. 3 sentences. Important: straight back, no sagging in the lumbar spine area.

3. Sit-up: The professional training

That brings the exercise: trains the straight or oblique abdominal muscles shapes the waist, and flattens the stomach. Starting position: Lie on your back, knees bent, feet ideally under a low sofa so that they cannot detach from the floor. Arms are next to the body. Put your knees to one side. Let's go: bend your arms and, like with classic crunch, point your fingertips to your ears (a). Now loosen your head and upper body far from the floor (b). Then lower it again, but don't put it down. 6-8 times. 3 sentences. Variants: If you alternately bring the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa, you also train the oblique abdominal muscles.

4. Walk with your hands

This brings the exercise: Strengthens the core muscles, the back, and the arms. Trains coordination and balance, harmonize the shape of the entire upper body. Starting position: Lie on your stomach, straighten your legs, place your feet on a sofa or chair, weight on your toes. Arms long under shoulder, weight on hands, looking down. Legs, upper body, and head form a line. Next to the left hand is z. B. a ball (a). Let's go: remove your left hand from the floor, take a "step" over the object (b), the right hand follows (c). Then back again. 6-8 times. 3 sentences.

5. Side support for the figure

This brings the exercise: trains the oblique abdominal muscles and the trunk. Makes a slim waist. Starting position: Lie on your side, put your feet on a sofa or chair, on top of each other or next to each other, legs straight. The lower arm goes into the forearm support on the floor, the hand of the upper one supports it in front of the stomach. Legs, torso, and head form a horizontal line (a). Let's go: Now alternately lower your hips towards the floor (b) without touching it, then bring them back into line. 6-8 times, then change sides. 3 sentences.

6. Shaky quadruped - the abdominal muscles burn

This is what the exercise brings: The workout trains the deep muscles, also known as the core muscles, thereby creating a slim silhouette and training the sense of balance. Starting position: four-footed stance, head in line with the spine. LET'S GO: Lift your right arm and left leg straight to the horizontal (a). Tense the inner abdominal muscles slightly, close your eyes, and hold this position for 10-20 seconds. Page change.