Lose weight after Christmas: these 7 tips will shed the pounds!


Christmas is over and your pants are barely closing? We'll show you how losing weight after Christmas becomes a child's play.

At the end of the year, we want to enjoy the Christmas season carefreely! Whether cookies, goose, or gingerbread - there are great delicacies everywhere! Do you also have the feeling that Christmas is mainly about bridging the time between two meals? 😂

For many of us, the unloved look at the scales after the holidays is like a disaster. But no worry! With our tips, losing weight after Christmas will be a piece of cake for you too.

Lose weight after Christmas: if you follow these 7 tips, the pounds will fall off!

1. Eat consciously

  • Regardless of whether you just want to weigh three pounds from Christmas or lose weight permanently with a healthy diet: You need to be aware of your food!
  • It's best to write down all the foods you eat throughout the day in the form of a food diary. Also, see how these affect your wellbeing.
  • With the help of tracking apps, you can easily get an overview of your calorie consumption. So you know exactly whether you can still enjoy the marzipan ball in the evening

2. Realistic expectations

  • Declare war on the excess kilos: Are you highly motivated to start a diet and then lie hungover and eaten in bed on New Year's Eve? For many of us, the new year starts with a bad feeling!
  • Realize that losing weight is basically a long-term endeavor and crash dieting hard is not healthy. By eating consciously from now on (see tip 1), you can plan your diet and prepare for special occasions like New Year's Eve.
  • diet reduced by 500 kcal is perfect for losing weight. This means you don't have to starve yourself dizzy and you can continue to cope with your everyday life.
  • Don't make the mistake of chasing the trendiest diets now! This will make you slim for a maximum of the short term. The yo-yo effect brings your Christmas kilos back quickly. 

3. Increase in protein intake

  • Proteins are the building blocks for your muscles and are also super fillingWith an increased protein intake, you can get through the day full of just a few calories.
  • To lose weight after Christmas you can, For example, double the otherwise recommended amount of protein - 0.8 g per kg of weight - for one week.
  • You reduce your carbohydrates according to common low-carb diets. Great sources of protein are lean meat, fish, legumes, or eggsNevertheless, you don't have to do without carbohydrates. A great diet aid: The 

4. Avoid sugar and alcohol!

  • Of course, you can enjoy a glass of wine on the weekend or a piece of your beloved nut chocolateYou will still get rid of your Christmas kilos!
  • But you should limit sugar and alcohol, especially when losing weight after Christmas. Both inhibit your fat burning and contribute next to nothing to a full diet.

5. Drinking plenty is the key to your diet!

  • We often forget to drink regularly in everyday life. You should definitely drink 2 liters of water every day. Water becomes your loyal companion, especially when losing weight.
  • Too often we confuse hunger with thirst and quickly reach into the cookie jar. A glass of water is usually enough to combat the feeling of hunger.
  • Make it a habit to have a large glass of water right after you get up. Of course, you can also drink tea. Especially at Christmas time with cinnamon or cardamom. So you don't have to do without a wintry atmosphere!

6. Exercise makes you slim!

  • Your motto is sport is murder? Don't worry, you don't have to torment yourself to the gym with the Christmas goose. In general, however, it won't surprise you that exercise helps you lose weight.
  • Just try to take a few more steps in everyday life. For example, you can get off one station earlier for work. Or do you want to give your previous restricted area stairwell a chance? 😉
  • Exercise and sport are important for your body regardless of losing weight. In this day and age of Netflix and office jobs, we sit far too much. In the long term, you will definitely find a sport that you really enjoy. It doesn't have to be the monotonous gym!

7. Cook fresh things!

  • When you cook your own meals, you have good control over your diet. In addition to sugar, finished products also provide you with many additives and flavors. Anything but healthy! Don't worry: Healthy weight loss recipes are delicious!
  • And if you have to go fast, you can use frozen productsDue to the shock freezing, these still contain many nutrients and vitamins. The best way to get the kilos of vegetables and fruit from regional cultivation.

Lose weight after Christmas: 4 practical ideas to prevent excess pounds!

  • The Christmas season runs through the whole of December. To prevent a rude awakening, you start to eat sweets in moderation on the 1st of Advent.
  • You don't have to do without winter spice like cinnamon, cardamom, or aniseYou can use it to spice up your tea. The spices are low in calories and make you happy - because they raise your serotonin level! We can only recommend losing weight with spices!
  • Baked apples and marzipan are pure calorie bombs. From now on only vegetables? After all, gingerbread contains spices that are good for your stomach.