Remove the fibroid - this is how you get rid of the skin knots


Fibromas are not a health issue, but a cosmetic one. If you want to have a fibroma removed, you can present the small skin lumps to the dermatologist or try to get rid of them with home remedies.

Fibromas - what are these little nodules on our skin?

Fibromas come on suddenly. And mostly in middle adulthood. The growths of the connective tissue have genetic causes, arise from small injuries in the skin tissue or from the influence of drugs. fibroma is a  growth of fibrocytes, but not a malignant cell growth and is not related to skin cancerFibromas often appear in the skin of the arms and legs as a rounded raised bulge up to 1 cm in size. 

There are hard and soft (also called pedunculated warts), hard ones often form on the legs and are clearly noticeable as lumps. Soft fibromas usually grow in the neck, eyes, armpit, buttocks, and groin area and form small stalks that stand like shreds of skin above the surface of the skin. That is why they are also called pedunculated warts, although they do not even belong to the category of (contagious) warts. Not only are they troublesome to our skin, but they can also cause irritation when clothing rubs against the skin. Fibromas can also be injured and bleed profusely when shaving. 

Fibroma - the diagnosis is important!

If fibroids bother us, we can remove them (or have them removed). You should first show the skin growth to a dermatologist. To be able to really define that it is a fibroma, he can take a tissue sample to rule out that it is, for example, a malignant sarcoma. An accurate diagnosis is particularly important in the case of larger washes.

Remove fibroids - these options exist

The dermatologist can remove hard and soft fibroids with one cut, usually without the need for anesthesia. Larger areas of skin are also sometimes treated with a laser to reduce the risk of scarring. Radio waves are another way to gently remove fibroids. One advantage of radio wave therapy is that - unlike with lasers - there is no excessive heating of the tissue.

The patient bears the costs of removing the benign fibroma himself, as it is a cosmetic measure. Anyone who finds that the little mini nodules are getting more and moreover the years can try home remedies to remove them.

Remove pedunculate wart naturally: with apple cider vinegar 

It sounds too simple to be true: apple cider vinegarshould be the insider tip that lets the fibroids fall off by themselves after regular rubbing. Just a few drops on a cotton padand rub into the skin twice a day. This does not work immediately, but after a few weeks, there are actually soft fibromas that first turn brown and then detach from the body.