This shampoo is tailored to your individual hair type


Finally, we don't have to compromise on our hair anymore. At Pakahi, you can have a shampoo put together that is perfectly tailored to your hair type and needs. And best of all:

The most important things at a glance:

  • 200 ml individual shampoo
  • Is perfectly tailored to personal hair needs
  • Compiled by experts
  • Without parabens and silicones
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

With the overwhelming range of shampoos on offer, we sometimes don't even know which one to use. Also, most hair products only focus on one hair problem and do not fully take our needs into account. The result? We buy thousands of products to properly care for our hair. But that's over now: Now you can have your personal shampoo put together by experts, which treats all your hair goals at once in just one product!


As individual as you are: This is how you put together your own personal hair shampoo

To be able to better assess your hair type and goals, the Pakahi experts want to obtain information about your needs in seven stepsDo you have dry hair or do you tend to have a greasy approach with dry ends? How do you usually style your hair? Do you have straight or wavy hair? Now you can choose your wishes for more shine or more volume. The best? In this step, you can even select all of the options and thus achieve all of your hair goals. Finally, you can still use the fragrance house your shampoo: Do ​​you prefer it fresh and tangy or flowery and fruity? If you have given your personal shampoo a name, you go to the checkout and the shampoo will shortly reach you at home with free shipping!

Don't forget: With our deal, you can get your shampoo for only 25.95 euros instead of 39.00 euros! Hereyou get directly to the offer. The discount will be automatically deducted when you click on "Redeem Now".

Natural organic ingredients for the best result

50 billion variants with over 80 natural ingredients: Pakahi is the first company in the world to manufacture organic shampoos that are perfectly tailored to your hair needsFrom organic chia seed extract to organic hemp seed oil, all care ingredients are of controlled biological originTunisian rosemary or Guatamali cardamom ensure a pleasant fragrance experience. All shampoos are cruelty-free and vegan.