You should avoid these exercises if you want to lose weight


If you want to lose weight, you have to do sports and eat healthily. Right? Not quite! In fact, there are some exercises that you should better remove from your training plan.

There's no doubt that exercise is always a great way to shed a few pounds. However, some exercises are not quite as suitable for losing weight. The reason: They're either bad for your joints, a waste of time, or just plain ineffective. If in doubt, you should avoid these six exercises!

1. Crunches

Crunches are a great alternative to sit-ups because they are much gentler and safer to perform. Even so, the six-pack exercise isn't supposed to be the best choice for shedding pounds. Why it is like that? In an interview with "", fitness trainer Stephan Box explains: "Six-pack exercises are pointless until the body fat percentage is so low that the abdominal muscles can also be seen." Core training is important, but full-body exercises that stabilize your core are better. Click here for the "Core Workout" video.

2. Sit-ups

Like crunches, sit-ups train your abdominal muscles. However, this remains hidden until you reduce your total weight and your body fat in general. And you can't do that by placing your main focus on the abs. In general, caution is advised with sit-ups, because in the long run this exercise can strain the spine and damage the intervertebral discs. Especially if you have a few extra pounds with you.

3. Lift weights

"If someone really wants to lose weight, they should first do the exercises that target the largest muscle groups," explains the fitness trainer. This means that an exercise that only works biceps or triceps using weights is a total waste of time in the gym. How about some general upper arm workout for fixed arms instead?

4. Planks

Planks are a great exercise for strengthening your core. However, if you do not have the strength to hold yourself in your arms, your pelvis will automatically sink. Especially with people who have a lot of weight around the middle of the body, there is a risk of tilting too much into the hollow back. And that in turn is harmful to the body and posture.


The high-intensity interval training - short HIIT - this country is becoming more popular. It relies on short, strenuous exercise sequences in which fat is burned quickly. Before you expose yourself to this strenuous alternation between agony and active breaks, you should first put on cardio training. This provides you with the power you need for interval training.

6. Jump rope

Yes, jumping rope is said to be the most effective sport for losing body fat. If you have a little more on your ribs, however, you should take it a little easier - and generally avoid jumps: for the sake of the joints. Fitness exercises such as step-ups or marching ("marching") are better.